Address: c/ Cardenal Cisneros, 12, 45001, Toledo, Spain

  • 39.85674º39º 51' 24.264" N
  • -4.02319º-4º 1' 23.484" W

Hospedería Casa de Cisneros is located in the heart of Toledo’s old town, in front of the Puerta de los Leones of Toledo’s Cathedral, a must-see spot for all visitors of the city.

We are history, ancient Muslim Palace, next to Ula Camii (Grand Mosque). Transformed into Church “Dives Toletana” (the rich of Toledo) or Cathedral of Toledo starting to be built in the reign of Ferdinand III. The Catholic Monarchs finished this colossal work. Placing ourselves at his feet. From our balconies we can see its beauty and architectural mass scale, unique materials and unique art. Presume to be at that time, bear witness to so many interesting stories to tell some to feel obliged: we belonged to the ecclesiastical heritage, here they lived and were to redeem their sins (former jail Vicario). Among the characters that were in our vicinity was the Hita taking evidence that his Book of Good Love was written in this environment.

Points of interest

Cathedral of Santa María


Santo Tomé Church